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Future Leader Representatives

We have a Pupil Council – our Wallscourt Farm Future Leader Representatives. The children nominate themselves and lots of children were keen to help think about future developments at Wallscourt Farm Academy. The children shared reasons why they felt they would be good in this role, as part of a shared learning conversation with their key person. These children represent the others in their home zone and share ideas from and with Oak Learning Zone, Beech Learning Zone and Willow Learning Zone.
Our Future Leaders are representatives of all the children at Wallscourt Farm Academy, who are leaders and learners now and for the future.
Our Future leaders have had lots of opportunities to evaluate and shape the growth and developments at Wallscourt Farm Academy, including welcoming a host of visitors, taking part in the recruitment process for our Year 1 teaching team, and growing the Rights and Responsibilities ethos at Wallscourt Farm Academy.

Meaningful opportunities for pupil voice is a key aspect of our approach at Wallscourt Farm Academy, and we have outlined the various ways in which pupils are involved in the direction and developments for the school as we grow together as One Learning Community.

Future leader Representatives

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