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Curriculum Overview

The aim of our Curriculum

Our curriculum enables children to have self agency, now and in adulthood, because of a developed sense of self and an awareness of their place in the world. This is the result of children seeking meaning and making connections as they build understanding from a foundation of knowledge and skills.

Learning at WFA

We want all of our learners to be full of ideas and love using their imagination. We want them to leave primary school as idealists believing anything is possible and focus on the way life could be. They will be goal focused and action orientated, naturally ambitious and self-determined.

By looking at learning in different ways, learners will become versatile, independent, lifelong learners. They will develop new ideas quickly and challenge accepted norms, contributing to communities that promote respect, sustainability and equality. They will be vigilant, resilient, energetic self-starters good at carrying on even when learning appears too challenging.

We create these habits in learners through a blend of innovative and traditional practice. Learning opportunities are future facing, progressive and cohesive; the overview of the curriculum is carefully designed and meticulously planned.  Whilst we use the National Curriculum 2014 as a frame of reference, we are committed to providing further opportunities:

Throughout the school, the main vehicle for learning is enquiry-led learning. School adults challenge learners to seek answers to questions, creating opportunities to refine knowledge and skills in different States of Being, for example: authors, mathematicians, engineers, artists…