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Key Stage 2

Key Stage 2 consists of four Learning Zones; Acer Learning Zone (Year 3), Maple Learning Zone (Year 4), Hazel Learning Zone (Year 5) and Elm Learning Zone (Year 6).

The typical day for Key Stage 2 consists of enquiry based learning where learners explore a range of ideas including Mathematics, English, Science, Geography, History and the Arts.

Learners are confident to describe their learning as Authors, Historians, Mathematicians, as they develop their skills, knowledge and understanding across the different subject disciplines. The curriculum is planned and sequenced to ensure learners develop their reading skills through whole class reading and Book Clubs. Learners are supported to select books at an appropriate level to read both in school and at home and this is supported by e-learning resources such as First News – see ‘Supporting your child at home’ for your child’s year group.

Learners develop their writing skills in the context of meaningful opportunities – writing as Authors, Historians, Scientists, etc through planned enquiries. This is supported by regular spellings and grammar learning.

During Key Stage 2, learners become secure in what we refer to as our 21st Century Learning Skills of:

Key Stage 2 Key Stage 2 Key Stage 2 Key Stage 2

In addition to whole class teaching, adults lead learning with small groups throughout the day which allows focused teaching, support and extension as well as the opportunity to discuss learning and for learners to reflect on their next steps with support from their peers and the adults.

Learning in the Natural Environment (LINE) is a key feature of our approach at Wallscourt Farm and this is in addition to the unstructured fresh air break.

At WFA we prioritise learners’ physical and mental well-being – we recognise the importance of finding time to pause and reflect.  Each day, learners are encouraged to reflect on their learning during their learning review and reset for learning at the end of lunchtime by listening to Bristol Minute of Listening. Learners enjoy physical activity and take part in a range of sports across the year. Learners have a dedicated 2 hour physical education session (being an athlete) during each week.