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Pupil Voice

Meaningful opportunities for pupil voice are a key aspect of our approach at Wallscourt Farm Academy. Lucy Salmon is our Pupil Voice representative on our Academy Council and Pupil voice is a regular agenda item at meetings. Lucy carries out regular pupil voice surveys on a range of aspects of the learners’ experience at WFA. In addition, subject leaders ensure that pupil voice surveys and discussions form part of their monitoring processes. The results of pupil voice inform our Academy Improvement Plan and other developments and are an essential part of our self-evaluation. We also have two pupil voice groups at Wallscourt Farm Academy: our Pupil council which is called the Future Leaders Representatives Group and our Eco-council which are called Green Ambassadors.

Future Leader Representatives

We have a Pupil Council – our Wallscourt Farm Future Leader Representatives. The learners nominate themselves, thinking about why they would make good representatives. They then prepare a speech for their class. Ballot papers are created for each class, and we have an election day. This election day is placed in the context of teaching about democracy as part of our British Values curriculum. Two learners from each class are elected to attend meetings with the Principal and senior leadership team as well as take part in focussed pupil voice activities when needed.

Our Future Leaders are representatives of all the learners at Wallscourt Farm Academy, who are leaders now and will be in the future.
Our Future leaders have had lots of opportunities to evaluate and shape developments at Wallscourt Farm Academy, including welcoming a host of visitors, taking part in the recruitment process for our teaching team, and growing the Rights and Responsibilities ethos at Wallscourt Farm Academy.

Green Ambassadors

Our Green Ambassadors are elected in the same way as our Future Leader Representatives. They are responsible for helping look after our Academy, ensuring we are recycling, reducing and reusing as much as possible. They are also leading the prject to develop our allotment area.